So, I fell down a hill

It’s been a tough week. I can’t quite pinpoint the cause, but I’ve been feeling a little off. So yesterday when deciding if I really wanted to load up all the kids for the last day of Santa’s village at the park, I was mostly thinking no.

My boys have been more of a challenge lately; they seem to have developed some type of “rules amnesia” that must be the cause for the sudden influx Continue reading


What would you say you do here?

I sometimes feel like the “jump to conclusions” guy nervously talking to the Bobs in Office Space. “What would you say… you do here??”

The truth is I fumble for words lately when asked what I do.

I usually talk about my last job, or that I’m “in between things” or “freelancing”. That’s all true, but I’m also a dad… and I do stay home with my kids Continue reading

A funny thing happened on my way to a divorce

Last week my wife and I had dinner with our pastor and his family. Being new in town and new to the church, we had intended for a while to find time to get together and chat so we met Monday for food and conversation at Chipotle.

Our talking weaved through topics of family, church, work, and of course the “how you met your spouse” stories that my wife loves. Olive was at the table Continue reading

My daughter kicks me in the head, and I love it

Many mornings when Olive wakes up I bring her into my bed to snuggle with a book or watch a show. I lie back down to get a little bit more rest.

When she’s had enough snuggle time she lets me know, usually with a slap in the face. In fact, some mornings she insists I stay alert and will give me a little slap whenever my eyes start to close. It’s really an effective alarm Continue reading

Patience in a hurry

Two weeks ago my sons decided they’d like to save up money for a new game thing. They had some cash and wanted to sell their old PlayStation to get enough for a newer one. “Sure”, I said. This could be an opportunity for them to learn about buying, selling, and saving. It’ll help teach them patience I thought.

I helped them organize all the games and accessories, take pictures, and post it all Continue reading

Extravagant gifts

I’ve never been an extravagant person. The first date with my wife was at a Buffalo Wild Wings, our first Valentine’s Day at Taco Bell. As a young man I often scoffed at romance. I’ve tried to get better at it over time but remain hopelessly frugal which makes me kind of a downer on date nights.

It’s my anniversary, and with the recent expense of our move to Colorado money Continue reading

Elephants can’t type

I admire those with a great memory, like my wife and elephants. My wife remembers dates and details as if she’s studied for a final exam. Elephants supposedly never forget, so that would put my memory on par with maybe a goat or hamster. It’s awful.

It’s too bad really, because my family is amazing! Every day is an adventure. I get by with a lot of help from my wife, calendars, and notes. It gets me Continue reading